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Are you tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body?

Hello M’lady & M’lady’s Gentleman,

I’m Scylvia, Owner and designer at Danese Creations in Phoenix, Arizona. I’ve been doing custom designing, tailoring, alterations, bridal and bra fittings professionally since 1971. I’ve been dubbed “The Fairy Godmother of Fashion”, and it’s not because of my white hair and funky glasses, but because I’m so good at what I do.

I’ve also been dubbed “The Boob Whisperer” because of the wonderful way women feel when I fit them for the right size bra.

I have been featured on the local television stations during the news segments for my wonderful bra fittings.

Besides the ladies, I have the ladies’ husbands and boyfriends and young girls’ fathers call for appointments.  These men get so tired of hearing their women complain about their bras, that they literally look me up themselves and make the appointment, or drive their ladies in for me to help them find the right size bra.

No matter what country, state or city you may live in, most women who live there just don’t know what a bra is supposed to do, how a bra is supposed to fit, how a bra has been designed, or what bra size is right for them. Estimates are that anywhere from 70% to 80% of women are wearing the wrong size bra, although in my opinion, informed by more than 38 years of experience, it’s more like 90%.

And there’s been no reliable source for women to go to and find out the truth about bras, bra measuring and bra sizing, until now. Now you can get all of this information just by making a quick trip to my shop in Phoenix.

Are you tired of having your boobs everywhere except where they should be on your body? – “The Boob Whisperer”
In 5 minutes you can LOOK LIKE you lost 10 pounds.

Look how much better she looks in only 5 minutes.  Follow along the red lines.  See how much firmer, how much slimmer she looks in the after picture?

Putting her in the right size bra was all she needed, and you can get the same results, too, maybe even better. Those are true, unaltered, unedited pictures.  No special camera angles, nothing different at all between them except the “before” pictures are taken in the wrong size bra, and the “5 min. later” pictures are taken in the right size bra.

These pictures are of a small woman.  A taller, heavier woman looks even thinner when she puts on the right size bra.

Are you covering up the skinny part of your body with your boobs?

The thinnest part of our bodies is just below our boobs.  That’s the area we need other people to see so we can look our thinnest.  If you don’t lift your boobs and keep them where they belong, you end up looking fat and frumpy.

In order to lift your boobs AND keep them up you MUST be wearing the right size bra, and you MUST be wearing it correctly.

The women I do bra fittings for love me for it, and their boobs love them for it.

Can proper bra sizing help you avoid the scalpel?

Some of my customers think so.  Some of them have told me that the bra fitting I did for them saved them from the risk and expense of re-constructive surgery.

You DON’T need re-constructive surgery, silicone implants, breast reduction, a lift, etc., etc., in order for your boobs to look and feel like you want them to.

All you need is the right size bra!

The one part of your body that gets the most attention is also the most misunderstood and gives you the most problems…

Your boobs!!!!

Your boobs can either make you or break you. If they look good, you look good and feel good, sexy, young, (even if you’re old) thin, (even if you’re heavy), and your clothes fit well.


If your boobs look bad you feel bad and you look bad, frumpy, old looking (even if you are young), fat (even if you are thin), and your clothes fit terribly and on top of it all you are in all kinds of pain.

Because of the way you are built, it is the one part of your body that cannot go without support, and for as long as there have been women, we’ve been trying to get the right support.

We have even resorted to surgery, but there’s also been wraps, corsets, bustier and brassieres, this last category the most misunderstood.

Your boobs won’t be off to the side instead of in the front. I’ll bet you thought this was fat. Nope, it’s separated breast tissue.
Your breasts won’t be hanging low, making you look old.
You won’t have to adjust you bra every time you move, and you know how annoying that is.
Because you will have the right support, your breast muscles will not stretch, weaken and break.
Your straps won’t continually fall off your shoulder.
Your blouses and jackets will not gap in the front, and your bust line darts will actually fall in the proper place.
Your breasts won’t come completely out of your cups, either over the top, or fall right through the bottom.
You will be able to tighten your straps, without your bra riding up high in the middle your back- between your shoulder blades- creating the ugly side back fat.
Your neck, back and shoulders won’t ache—and ache and ache and ache.
And the #1 problem SOLVED by wearing the right size bra is that you will look like you lost 10 pounds and you won’t look fat and frumpy.
What Do You Mean I Look Fat?

The other day one of my customers who had me do a bra fitting a few weeks before came in and told Laurie, one of my sales clerks, this story. She said that the new size bra she was wearing to work every day had people telling her how good she looked, how much thinner she was looking, when the only thing she was doing differently was wearing the right size bra.

Then on Saturday, since she didn’t have to go to work, she put on one of her old bras, and was outside in her front yard when her neighbor walked over, gave her a funny look, and asked her what’s going on? So she asked her neighbor what she meant.

The neighbor said that all week long she had noticed that my customer looked like she had lost weight, but today she told my customer that she looked a little heavy again. What happened?

Laurie told me that my customer started laughing as she told Laurie this. So I told her, she said, that all week long I was wearing my new bras I got from Danese Creations and you thought I looked thinner and now that I’m wearing an old bra you tell me I look fat? That does it. I’m getting rid of all my old bras.

I know that when you are dealing with these problems and you don’t have the solutions, all you want to do is to burn your bra! And maybe you SHOULD! (Not really, a better option would be to donate it to a women’s shelter so someone else can use it.)

Ladies don’t usually say they want to burn their ill-fitting bras.  What they do tell me is that at the end of the day all they want to do is throw the bra in the trash.And that would be the right thing to do with an ill fitting bra but they DON’T because they took the time and made a special trip to buy it. An “expert” fitted them and told them it was the right size for them. It probably cost them a lot.

The only alternative would be to go back to the same store, or a different store, and do it all over again with an “expert” that really doesn’t know what to do or is limited by the inventory in the store.And without knowing what to look for or what to expect, you are going to make the same mistakes over and over again, and that is soooo expensive and time consuming.

Make friends with your bra

If you’re like most of us women, you’ve probably wondered at some point in your life why it is that no one has invented a better bra, a nice bra. A bra that not only feels good but supports, too.

The truth is that the modern bra is here to stay because it truly is one of the best friends a girl ever had. It can make us look good, it can make us look younger, and it can help us avoid the neck, back and shoulder pain all of us would have if we didn’t wear a bra. The modern bra can make it easier for us to be active and healthy in this fast paced world of ours.

It’s true. Just try and imagine what life would be like bouncing and flopping all day long. Maybe the only thing worse than a life in the wrong size bra would be a life with no bra at all. It all boils down to this: What’s needed is NOT a better bra design. What’s needed is the right information about how to measure properly and what size you should choose based on your measurements. With the right information, your bra will do for you all the things that it can do. This is what one of my bra FREE bra fittings will do for you.

Don’t give up, and don’t spend another minute in the wrong size bra. Don’t go through one more day in the agony that comes with the wrong size bra. And never again waste your money on the wrong size bra. Spend the rest of your life looking your best and feeling your best. Spend the rest of your life with happy boobs. Spend the rest of your life in the bra size that’s right for you.

If you love yourself you just cannot go another day without this information.
So … How Can I Help?

If you live in metro Phoenix, you can just give my shop a call, set an appointment, and I will give you a custom bra fitting for free—no charge for the appointment, and no obligation to buy any bras from me, either.

…if you don’t live in the Phoenix Area? All you have to do is call my shop, make an appointment, come to Phoenix and when you get here I will also give you a custom bra fitting for free, with no obligation to buy any bras from me, either.

OR, if you can’t come to Phoenix, JUST CLICK HERE and I will work with you using e-mail to help you find out what bra size is right for you.

When you finally put your boobs in the right size bra, it will be just like heaven.

Maybe it’s called something different …

Maybe it’s called something different …  where you live, but most women in Phoenix call it chicken fat, and it refers to the dimples and bulges in your skin that show up between your breasts and underarms whenever you put on a strapless gown.  Isn’t that grand?  You want to look your best for your formal occasion, and that’s when this stuff shows up. “Looking your best” and “chicken fat” do not belong in the same sentence. You can’t look your best when you’ve got blobs of fat sticking out of your bra.

This “stuff” isn’t fat, exactly, it’s separated breast tissue.  It’s supposed to be a part of your breast, but it’s gone off wandering below the underarm. And you got it by wearing the wrong size bra.

How did the wrong size bra give you chicken fat?  It’s simple, really.  A breast may look and feel like one solid unit, but it’s not.  It’s a collection of cells and stuff that’s held together by our skin.  If we wanted to, we could actually massage our boobs and break up and push out some of that stuff.

That’s more or less what the wrong size bra does over time–it keeps our skin from doing its job, it causes our breast muscles to stretch, weaken, and pull apart. You can go to the gym to try and get rid of this.  You can even have it cut off. Neither of those is the best solution. Having it surgically removed will work temporarily, but if you keep wearing the wrong size bra, it will return sooner or later. Trying to work it off at the gym will give you a bigger back, bigger arms, and if that’s what you want, that’s fine. But there’s no gym equipment that will exercise the breast muscles the right way. There just isn’t.  Why? Because what you need are techniques, not gym exercises.

There are some old-time techniques that I learned when I was a girl, and they are perfect for lifting and firming your breasts—no matter what shape you’re in now.  They’re very easy to do, take only 5 to 7 minutes a day, you can do them sitting down while you’re watching Oprah or Ellen, they’ll move your chicken fat back to your boobs, where it belongs, and you can get them right here.

Also on the video, there’s my INDISPENSABLE, absolutely necessary, instructions on the right way to put on your bra.  These instructions include the right way to “load” your breasts into the cups THAT ALSO helps you re-form and reshape your breasts.  When you do these simple steps every time you put on your bra, the techniques work even faster.


Scylvia Knows How to Solve ALL your Bra Problems, and has the Bras You Want On-Line and in her shop.

How to measure for a bra, anyone can do that. Knowing how to determine the correct size bra for you is what most bra fitters don’t know. They think they know what they’re doing, but they truly don’t know.

The funny part is that clothes designers know exactly where a woman’s boobs are supposed to be. They design clothes with curves and darts to fit attractively around a woman’s boobs. But bra fitters can’t seem to figure out how to get a bra to hold a woman’s boobs in the right spot. It’s as if there’s a wall preventing communication between designers and fitters.

This causes more than just an unsightly appearance, more than just making you LOOK FAT. Wearing the wrong size bra leads to chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, and it also hurts your pocketbook when you have to spend money for expensive alterations that you wouldn’t even need if you were wearing the right size bra.

It makes no sense to me! I’m a clothes designer and I know where a bra is supposed to hold a woman’s boobs, AND that where I fit them. ALL of my customers look great in their clothes, ALL my customers have gotten rid of their chronic neck, back and shoulder pain, and ALL of my customers SAVE MONEY by avoiding alterations they don’t need anymore. ALL my customers know what bra size is right for them, and you can too.

All you have to do is ask me, and I’ll tell you.

I won’t send you any books to read, no white papers, no videos you have to watch and take notes from. I’ll just tell you what bra size you should be wearing.

That’s the problem with all these information products that are flooding the internet today. The first thing they do is force you to go to work, hunting through all that information to find what you’re looking for. They have too darn much information in them, and that means there’s always some effort you have make BEFORE you find out what you want to know.

There’s always something you have to read, or something you have to watch, or something you have to study – as if you don’t have enough to do already. In your case, all you really want to know is what bra size is right for you. You don’t want to spend an hour or 2 to find out something as simple as that. Why should you, when there’s an easier way?

Just ask me, and I’ll tell you. You don’t need to spend hours on something, when I can do it for you in about 8 minutes. And once you’re my customer, if your body ever changes in the future, you can just send me your new measurements and I’ll update your size for you.

So, now, you can keep on reading the rest of this, which will prove to you that I know what I’m talking about, or you can just get your answers as quickly as possible.

SKYPES!! Why didn’t I think of this before?!

If you can’t come to my shop for a free fitting, I can Skype with you and make it just as if you had come to see me personally. Here’s how that will work.

After you send me your measurements, I will arrange a Skype call with you so I can see you in the flesh. This will help me do a better job recommending your right bra size. It will be only you and me on the call, with possible my assistant. No one else will see you but us, and we only require that we see you IN your bra. We won’t ask to see you without one.

Once I see your shape and know your measurements, I will tell you what bra size is right for you. Then, you can either order it from, or go get one from your local bra shop, and when you have the right size, I will Skype you again so I can help you do the right adjustments. It will be almost exactly like you came to my shop, even though you may be thousands of miles away.

Through the magic of technology, you can now get personalized service from me, The Boob Whisperer, without traveling to Phoenix.

In 5 Minutes You Can Look Like You Lost 10 Pounds!