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Custom Wedding Dresses

Finding the perfect wedding dress in Phoenix can be exhausting and frustrating. Store to store sales rep to sales rep. It’s hard work searching for a dress to wear at your dream come true wedding. Bridal stores in the Phoenix area carry a lot of similar designer lines, styles and product. At Danese Creations, owner and designer Scylvia-Elvira Danese will custom fit and design your perfect wedding dress to be unique and match your special day.

Custom Bridesmaid Dresses

There are 2 reasons that EVERY BRIDE should choose Custom Bridesmaids Outfits for her bridesmaids. The 1st reason is because you get EXACTLY what you want, and the 2nd reason is because most of the time, it’s cheaper for your bridesmaids. That’s right, it’s usually CHEAPER to get custom bridesmaids outfits than it is to buy them off the rack.

Styles and available colors change from year to year, and there’s a good chance that when you’re ready to get married, the dresses/outfits that are currently available off-the-rack WON’T be the style OR the color of bridesmaids outfits you’ve always dreamed about.

But even if you DO find exactly what you want at the retail stores, you have to remember that ALTERATIONS COST EXTRA, and you can count on the fact that just about EVERYONE of your bridesmaids IS GOING TO NEED ALTERATIONS. Once you add in the alteration cost to the price of the dress, it usually adds up to MORE than the cost of having the dresses custom made.

Getting what you want, EXACTLY what you want, AND for less money than buying off-the-rack. There is simply NO BETTER WAY TO GO for bridesmaids dresses than to have them custom made.

If you live in metro Phoenix, AFTER you’ve found a picture of what you want, give us a call at 602-955-1313, and set up a FREE estimate.

If you don’t live in metro Phoenix, we can still make your bridesmaid dresses for you.

And if you’ve found some outfits that you like but still need alterations, according to the Wedding Chronicle’s Readers Poll, we are THE best place to have your alterations done. Whether the outfit is too big or too small, it’s no problem. Whether you need something custom made, or just altered, “Yes We Can, Just Say When.”