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Welcome to the Best
Yes we can,
Just Say When
What if you don’t live in Arizona?
There are 2 ways we can help you,
even at what seems like the last minute.
If it seems impossible, its not to us!

If you’re able to overnight delivery of your gown to our shop, we can arrange to overnight it back to you once the alterations are done. You’ll need to include clear instructions, or have the gown pinned properly so we can understand what you need, and of course you’ll need to have enough time before the wedding to get this done. How much time is needed? We’d like you to have at least 7 days before the wedding — but there’s still hope even if you have less time than that.

Call us immediately at 602-955-1313 so we can make the arrangements. Check my bio if you’d like to verify that I can truly help you.

The 2nd way we can help you is that you can fly to Phoenix to see me directly. You can have me fit you for your gown, then visit friends and family for a day or 2, or see the sights, then fly back home with your perfectly fitting wedding gown.

It wouldn’t be much different than the last bride we helped just a few days ago. She called us on a Saturday, needing her gown altered no later than Tuesday. When she got here just before closing on Saturday, she had forgotten her shoes and her bra, so we agreed to see her on Sunday, our day off. We fitted her, then on Tuesday night she came back to try it on to be sure all was well, and on Wednesday morning she was off to Cancun for her wedding.

Really, there’s just no reason why we can’t help you solve your wedding gown problems. All it takes is you getting your gown to us, either personally, or via overnight delivery.


You will NOT find a better shop to handle your wedding gown, mother of the bride or groom outfits, bridesmaids dresses or flower girl alterations. We say that with confidence because it’s true.

What makes it true is 2 simple words: We Care.

We know that there is a right way and a wrong way to do most things, and we care enough to do bridal alterations the right way, every time. Used to be that most shops had the same attitude, but we’re sorry to say that most shops these days simply do NOT care.

We know this is true because we’ve seen their work. How do we get the chance to see the work that other bridal shops produce? Our own customers often bring in something that another shop just hasn’t been able to get right. Sometimes in the week before a wedding, sometimes only the day before, a bride will come to our shop in a panic, asking if we can fix what some other shop has botched. Usually we can, but sometimes the damage is so bad that the only solution is to make a whole new dress.

(That is a rare occasion, but it’s happened to us more than once. If you haven’t yet read the story about the greatest emergency our shop has ever been faced with, a frantic bride coming to us with less than 3 hours before her wedding, here it is.)

But not only do we care about doing things right, we HAVE THE KNOWLEDGE AND THE SKILL to do things right. How can you know that we do? The Wedding Chronicle magazine, a well-known Phoenix bridal publication, conducts an annual “Readers Poll” of the best wedding vendors in the area. For the category “Best Place for Bridal Alterations,” we are a regular winner.

Here’s some of what we’ve seen OTHER SHOPS DO
  • Use hot melt glue to hold a bra inside a wedding dress
  • ADDING FABRIC to make a dress longer when SHORTENING it was required
  • Letting out a beaded bodice BUT NOT adding more beads, and leaving the white fabric uncovered
  • Delivering the dresses AFTER the wedding, at the reception!! — and they weren’t even finished!!
  • And worst of all, “finishing” your dress or dresses, but leaving you with a surprise that results in THE most embarrassing moment of your life. [Don’t miss this picture.]

These are just some of the things we’ve seen. We could give you many, many more. In an emergency situation, things like hot melt glue and staples and tape may be the best solution—IN AN EMERGENCY. But when you’ve started the process months before the wedding, THAT’S NOT an emergency, that’s a “business as usual situation,” and for that you need a shop that knows how to do things right, and does things right.

Contracting for “quality work”, be it for alterations or custom gowns, is the least expensive way to go.

There’s an old saying, “The cheapest person pays the most.” It means that most of the time, when you choose the cheapest option, you’ll actually end up paying more because you’ll eventually have to pay a second time to have a more qualified person fix the shoddy work done by the lowest bidder.

I’ve been doing custom clothes and bridal alterations professionally and continuously since 1971, and I could look you in the eye and tell you for a fact that I have seen that old saying proven right hundreds of times. Trust me. You DO NOT want to have your wedding gown or your bridesmaid’s dress added to the list of casualties. You DO NOT want to end up another unhappy person who thought she was saving money but actually spent a lot more than she could have.

Not to mention the added stress you will have to deal with when it becomes apparent that the shop you’re working with is obviously not going to be able to give you what you wanted. Weddings have enough stress built into them when everything goes perfectly. You don’t need to add any more. So many things have to be done, so many different vendors have to be involved, and you have to deal with so many different personalities.

Unless your job requires you to deal with so many different people, so many different businesses on a regular basis, this is going to be a whole new experience for you, a whole new lesson in diplomacy—and with that goes a spike in your blood pressure. Just ask any of your friends or relatives who’ve been through planning a wedding if I’m exaggerating. They’ll tell you I’m not.

You’ll find that doing business with The Fairy Godmother of Fashion® will give you 1 less headache, one less source of stress. We may be the only place you can come to where you’ll actually be able to decompress and enjoy the planning process instead of wondering why it is the vendor you’re working with can’t seem to give you what you want.

How can you be sure that Danese Creations

REALLY IS the best shop for Bridal Alterations?

Do an online search, or check your yellow pages, for “wedding consultants, Arizona.” These are people who work with brides and anyone who is paying for a wedding. They can tell you what vendors are good, what vendors should be avoided.

Give any one of them a call and tell them you’re thinking about having Danese Creations do your bridal alterations or make you a custom gown and has that consultant heard anything about the quality of work we do.

After that, all you’ll need is our phone number to CALL US FOR AN APPOINTMENT, which you’ll find at the top of this page, along with our regular business hours.

2 more things to remember
  1.  WE ARE THE ONLY SHOP in Arizona to trust with your CUSTOM gown needs
  2. If you’ve found this page just shortly before your wedding and things still aren’t going right with your wedding gown or your bridesmaid dresses, there’s still enough time for you to have what you want—WE’VE HELPED MANY BRIDES AT THE LAST MINUTE MANY TIMES BEFORE.

Give us a call.

Oops — a 3rd thing. Our full business name is Danese Creations Tailoring and Bridal, and WE DO KNOW HOW to make a custom tie. Any color you want, any size you want:

  • We can make a custom tie, yes we can, yes we can,
  • We can make a custom tie, Charming Millie,
  • We can make a custom tie, that’s much better than a pie
  • We’re the best shop, we’ll make your wedding special.
  • Notice that we’re ending this page on a light note.

One of OUR favorite sayings is, “We laugh and joke but we don’t play.” You will actually enjoy doing business with us. We know how important it is for the planning process, the fitting process, to go smoothly. We know that the only way that can happen is when you see yourself, your daughter, your friends, getting what you ordered.

The excitement of a wedding can be a lot of fun. WE LOVE WEDDINGS. We’ll laugh and joke with you along the way. But we won’t play around — we’ll give you EXACTLY what you ordered, EXACTLY when you’re expecting to have it.

No matter what else happens on that wedding day, years from now, you’ll at least be able to say that Danese Creations was a great place to have your bridal alterations done.

Now give us a call at 602-955-1313. Our regular business hours are posted at the top of the page.

Or click on the “Bio” link below to find out more about me and our shop.

Or if you’ve found this information helpful, maybe you know someone else who could benefit from it. If you do, you can use the Share This link below.